Lymphatic Drainage Treatment in Chicago

How does lymphatic system affect cellulite?

When the body is in balance, there is a minimum of these wastes, and they are removed as they form, carried away by the lymph to be filtered and eliminated. In the areas where circulation is particularly sluggish- in this case, the hips, thighs, and buttocks- wastes may accumulate faster than they can be evacuated.

When waste products build up, they impede microcirculation to cells and tissues, decreasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients carried to our cells as well as reducing wastes eliminated from the cells. The result is tissue sludge, which further slows cellular activity and eventually manifests itself as lumpy cellulite. We now have a less ideal situation in our internal environment. Lymph is the fluid that surrounds and bathes all the cells of the body and constitutes the “internal environment” of our cells.

The lymph operates by drawing excess fluids, cellular wastes, and other substances from the spaces between cells and carries them away to “filtering stations” called lymph nodes. Lymph channels ultimately drain into two large veins near the heart so that the lymph is returned to the bloodstream to be further processed and then carried toward the eliminative organs. The lymphatic system serves many other functions, such as guarding against infections and diseases.

Lymphatic circulation relies upon muscular contractions and deep breathing to move it along. It is a naturally slow-moving fluid that circulates, for the most part against gravity, through a vast amount of tiny capillaries called lymphatics. These extremely thin-walled vessels run throughout the body but are concentrated in subcutaneous tissue.

Efficient lymph drainage should be one of our main concerns, not only to help eliminate cellulite but for our health and vitality as well.

Endermologie utilizes patented technology to mechanically stimulate circulation and aid lymphatic drainage. Your cells will be flooded with nutrient and oxygen rich blood; waste will be cleared from your circulatory system, ready for the body to dispel; connective tissue will be massaged and exercised to increase elasticity.


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