Cellulite Reduction Treatment in Chicago

There are many benefits of Endermologie: • Reduces the “dimpled” appearance of cellulite • Increases blood flow • Increase Lymphatic Drainage- Aids fluid elimination • Tones and smoothes the skin • Improves elasticity of skin • Maximizes body contouring • Keeps clients motivated to maintain health and fitness • Creates a feeling of well-being.

We will provide you with extensive knowledge on this anti-cellulite reduction treatment Endermologie, is the number one scientifically tested way to get rid of your cellulite. Endermologie is a patented technique employing a mechanized device with two motorized rollers and regulated suction. This non-surgical and non-invasive device creates a symmetrical skin fold, which allows deep tissue mobilization to occur and results in reduction of cellulite and loss of inches.

In fact, if you were to ask 100 women the one thing that they would like to change or improve about their bodies; you would hear an answer regarding cellulite reduction treatment.

Liposuction mainly attacks the middle layer of fat, sucking out fat cells but leaving the top layer of skin still dimpled and full of cellulite. In contrast, Endermologie will directly attack the dimpled top layer of skin, breaking up the congested lymphatic flow which promotes the appearance of celluliteThis cellulite removal process is performed with a device made with two motorized rollers and regulated suction. The exciting aspect of using Endermologie is this non-surgical and non-invasive procedure actually provides outstanding results. Simply, a symmetrical skin fold is created that allows the deep tissue to be mobilized so not only will you enjoy a reduction of cellulite but loss of inches too!

The bottom line is that seeing dimpling of the skin on the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, and other parts of the body is not attractive. Although not harmful, cellulite can make a person feel very self-conscious, especially during the summertime when bathing suits and shorts are worn. Using the cellulite Endermologie system, the skin becomes smooth and smaller. Best of all, you can see amazing results within just a few sessions.

Unlike other cellulite treatments, this option is easy and convenient. Rather than going through major surgery, spreading on messy creams and lotions, or being bound tightly with wraps, this Endermologie cellulite reduction treatment is as simple as wearing a discrete body stocking that is comfortable.


I hated my cellulite. Even though I am skinny but I could not wear bathing suit with confidence because of how my skin looked. After going through Endermologie, I LOVE getting in my bikini and I am not afraid of wearing shorts. I highly recommend it. Amy 36, Glenview

My skin started sagging when I reached 40. I discovered Endermologie two years ago and I have been hooked. The skin on my legs did not look tighter in years. When my package finishes, I will make sure to continue maintaining it as I love how my body looks. Julia 48, Glenview

After Liposuction, my doctor sent me to get a few Endermologie sessions done and I loved it. My body is not as swollen anymore and I never experienced scar tissues like the a few others do. Thank you Endermologie. Erica 52, Northbrook

I always look forward to my Endermologie treatments. It feels great, I see less loose skin and my husband loves how my skin feels. Susan 60, Chicago

I started my diet 8 months ago, I wanted to slim down more than 50 pounds, and the diet I was doing did not allow any physical activity because of the low calorie count. So I researched and found Inga Dorochova with Endermologie and cavitation services. I wanted to work my body so as to avoid loose skin. During the 8 months while I was dieting I not only lost the 5o pounds but my body looks amazing, We worked side by side, deciding where my body needed more attention. Today I have hardly any loose skin and no signs of cellulite. It feels amazing to see how my circulation has improved. I will continue doing endermologie for my health even when I go into maintenance. I am ver grateful that I found Inga. Benedicta 45, Winnetka

Lipomassage by Endermologie Cellulite Treatment

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