What is Cellulite?

As we all know, 90 percent of women over the age of sixteen are affected to some degree by the cellulite problem. Despite his problem, every woman in our society can achieve a desirable figure. There is not one solution that can take care of this epidemic. In this booklet, we will show you a systematic approach to correct this problem. Something to keep in mind is that the cellulite problem did not appear over night.

Cellulite is a figure problem of lumps and bumps characterized by a dimply, spongy appearance that are generally found in the hip and thigh area. In more pronounced cases, these lumps and bumps take on a puckered look and become the distorting bulges that interfere with normal, graceful body contours. These bulges and lumps did not appear overnight. If you decide to correct the cellulite problem try to be patient. Imagine that in six months to one year, your body will have improved beyond your expectations. In this booklet we will concentrate on four main areas; nutrition, exercise, body care, and the mind/body connection.

Cellulite is essentially a disturbance in the body’s natural chemistry, and this is why it responds to treatment from the inside out and not to external methods alone.

There are several factors to consider in the process of cellulite formation:

Skin structure Beneath the epidermis or outer layer of skin, there is loose, connective tissue made up of cells, predominantly fat cells, which store energy; fibroblasts, the cells that synthesize collagen; fibers, collagen, and elastine; a meshlike network that gives the skin support and resiliency; and a ground substance or matrix that is gel-like in texture and is the “glue” that holds everything together. Amongst these components are blood vessels, lymphatics, and nerve endings. A harmonious equilibrium must exist in this layer for the skin to appear smooth and firm. This equilibrium can be easily disrupted.

When excess fluid is present, a buildup of material occurs. This, in turn, will spread the cells apart and thereby increase the distances not only between cells but between cells and capillaries. The exchanges then will become more difficult. A congested tissue is inefficient tissue. Location The cellulite-prone areas, the hips and thighs, are the very areas on a woman’s body where the tissue layer is thicker, spongier, and more loosely structured, and thereby allows for more “disruption”. Circulation When circulation is sluggish in cellulite-prone areas, there is a certain congestion. Muscles A Lack of good muscle tone can be major contributing factor to a cellulite condition. For example, a lack of tone in the gluteus, the heavy muscle that supports the buttocks, will cause the muscle to sag. By strengthening the gluteal muscles we can lift the upper thigh and thereby reduce its sagging and/or bulging appearance. Nutrition The quantity of food that we eat is not, by itself, responsible for cellulite. But the quality of the food is. We will talk in length in the next few sections about nutrition and healthy eating. Stress Stress often leads to overeating and bingeing. In other words, our entire physiology is thrown off balance by stress, tension, and anxiety. Cellulite and premature aging are two of the devastating consequences. Age As we get older, and this can start in the early twenties, our connective tissue begins to break down. The skin loses elasticity, especially when we are inactive and/or overweight. Age itself is not an accurate measure for the cellulite pattern, it is the habit that we form at different stages that can lead to cumulative damage. Gravity When the tissues have been subjected to repeated variations in volume, mainly through the overuse and abuse of reducing diets, the skin and its underlying support system stretch and give way to the downward pull of gravity. The sagging that results here compounds a cellulite problem and makes it more visible.


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